streets ahead

old bush track

change of scenery

frees the mind


old bush track


change of scenery


frees the mind

This bush track on the outskirts of Golden Square near Bendigo was a busy dirt street in a gold mining community during the 1860’s.  These pictures were taken during Charlie’s last visit to Bendigo in September 2015.  Charlie loved travelling to Bendigo, exploring the bush and protecting her house and yard there. In fact when we packed to come home Charlie would indicate she wanted to stay, (every time). None of us knew this day that it was to be her last visit.

This is my double contribution to  RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 110 Change&Mind. You can access Ronovan’s hosted Haiku challenge for this week at And  to the 52 week PHOTO CHALLENGE, with STREET this weeks word challenging a talented group of photographers from across the globe. Visit this challenge at and find this weeks sharing on Wild Daffodil’s Home page.

40 thoughts on “streets ahead

    1. Thanks Cathy Charlie was unique. My brother in law always has a fossick and has found little bits, I look for birds and plants to photograph. There is probably still more gold under the ground here than was ever dug up and we are talking millions in the 1860’s -80’s. There still is some serious large scale gold mining happening there.

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  1. Looks like a quiet bush track. Was it a hard walk? Uphill all the way type?

    Charlie doesn’t run away? Denis, I envy you~~ I can only imagine my dogs will take a run for the hills if they don’t have a collar


  2. The perfect illustration of street, and lovely haiku tribute to your sweet Charlie. I love the photo of her looking back at you….”come on then, stop with the camera…” Lovely dog, lush surroundings.


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