venus pool

no rhyme or reason

where it flows


This pond where water begins accumulating high in Gariwerd is known as The Venus Pool overflows into the beginnings of a river and trickles off towards Halls Gap. After a heavy downpour a few years ago the business centre of the town where the creek flow throughs was seriously flooded. There are lots of mysteries up here in the gap where it all begins.

This is my double contribution to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 111-Rhyme & Reason. You can access all the incredible poetic contributions to Ron’s challenge on his site at

And secondly to the 52 week PHOTO CHALLENGE, with RIVER this weeks word challenging a talented group of photographers from across the globe. Visit this challenge at and find this weeks sharing on Wild Daffodil’s Home page.

31 thoughts on “mystery

    1. Thanks Sue. This is like many of the ancient places you share in your blog , Venus Pool was an Aboriginal water hole, maybe 6000 or many more years of stories. These mountains of Gariwerd are rich in cave art telling very old stories.


  1. Loved your photographs of the Venus Pool, Denis. The second one is so strikingly beautiful with the water reflections and shapes of the rocks. Perfect haiku for the scenery. 🙂


    1. Thats an amazing response Annette, thanks so much, I’m glad you appreciate the approach I take. My blog will always only be a haiku with images and a short story on each post, a mix of haiku/haiga/haibun


    1. Thanks Vashti. The name is obviously European with a touch of the classics about it. We do not know the name indigenous people had for this beautiful place across their thousands of years sitting here cooling, drinking, resting and thinking. Their presence however can be felt.


    1. It is, with spiritual connections to maybe 20,000 years of indigenous habitation. Right now a lot of rain has fallen up there and it would be a raging torrent. When we next visit in 2 weeks a whole new scene may await.

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