on gariwerd’s roof


watched by stones 

high in the mountain 

river begins


Another glimpse of the environment around Venus Pool in Gariwerd, (The Grampians) a national park in Western Victoria. Many streams have their beginnings up on the peaks of this mountain range, some flow east, some West and some into the central valley. This little rivulet ends up flowing down through Halls Gap far below.

The Haiku and images are my double challenges contribution to; RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge#112 River & Stone. Visit at https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2016/08/29/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-112-riverstone/ where many creative haiku can be read .

And secondly to the 52 week PHOTO CHALLENGE, with ROOF this weeks word challenging a talented group of photographers from across the globe. Visit this challenge at https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/photo-challenge/ and find this weeks sharing on Wild Daffodil’s Home page.

25 thoughts on “on gariwerd’s roof

    1. Thanks Janice. When I started this blog I vowed to stick to this process and only use my own photos, haiku, title and include a short story , so far I have stuck to this, it means no re blogs and no awards etc.

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      1. Vive la différence 🙂 Diversity is important so it’s good that you’ve managed to adhere to your design objectives…I also believe in fluidity. The important thing in my mind is to understand what is tugging me in the directions that I ‘m going…easier said than done, but worth the effort.


  1. What a dramatic transition from first to second image. Love the reflections in the little stream. Excellent photos, Denis. The words “watched by stones” is perfect for both images. ❤


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