bold brown eyes

such depth of wisdom



bold brown eyes


such depth of wisdom




Charlie’s eyes were a beautiful translucent brown, not as dark as other Afghans we have lived with and known. An Afghan’s eyes are unique in the dog world as  they look at and through you, usually one or the other and sometimes both at the same time. They are nearly triangular, slanting slightly upwards from the inner corner to the outer. The Afghan Hound is a sight hound and Charlie often demonstrated this by fixing her eyes on very distant objects. Occasionally one could sense her touching base with genetic memories  from the way she gazed into the distance.

This is my contribution to the 52 week PHOTO CHALLENGE, with DEEP this weeks word challenging a talented group of photographers from across the globe. Visit this challenge at and find this weeks sharing on Wild Daffodil’s Home page.

28 thoughts on “deep

    1. You are very perceptive Pat, she used to wrap herself around our legs and also lean in against us when standing. The closest was her phantom pregnancy nights when she would lay on the bed between us with her head beside one of us on the pillow.


    1. Brushing was a shared regular activity, not often enough for us but too often for Charlie. Also it takes at least 2 to brush, one to hold and 1 to brush. The fur of an Afghan Hound is the same as human hair, its not like other dogs and it does not smell doggie, there is a slight sweet perfume . They are ideal dogs to live inside and Afghans must live inside because its in their genes.


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