19 thoughts on “nearly ready

    1. The colours earlier on the highway were even better before I finally stopped after creating the haiku in my mind. Maybe you have your next jumper planned now Sandra only have to get the wool.


  1. Very interesting Haiku. I had no idea that field of ripening Canola oil would look like that.
    Sure is a beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing, we learn something new every day.


    1. I always have two cameras in the car and my wife has one so there are no missed shots Annette, except around the suburbs occasionally. Canola plants are cultivars of rapeseed especially developed for the oil.


  2. Oh what a pair of beautiful images. Striking. And, I’ve learnt something I never realised that canola oil was a type of rapeseed oil. Canola always reminds of ‘The Godfather’.


      1. You should take more dear Denis, fascinated me. I love rainy days because of the contrast… but only for photography I love 🙂 You are welcome, have a nice day, Love, nia


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