people power


saving trees

against bureaucrats

people stand 


Three weeks ago on a wet cold Tuesday afternoon 40-50 local people gathered to hear for the first time that a planned new school re-development would mean 239 trees across the site would be destroyed. A story of secrecy , deception, lies and secret agreements  was shared. These people swore to meet again on the site 2 days later to plan  a response . This is image 1 and more people and dogs were there. We learnt  that the state government department of education intended to begin destruction of the trees the following Monday morning. The people that afternoon declared to stand in the way of this destruction at 6.30 on the Monday morning. Television stations and newspapers were contacted and the rally cry went out.

Image 2 shows part of a 300 plus crowd who blocked entry to the site at 6.30 on the Monday. There were many police there as well. For the first time the bureaucrats negotiated with the local residents about these plans. The people said no trees until we have open transparent community discussions and we hear  and see detailed plans of what is proposed. Two weeks later , the trees  stand and the people wait for our meeting.

So even on a smaller scale here in Melbourne Australia we see politicians and bureaucrats trying to walk over communities with a lack of respect and no transparency.

People power in Australia have an anthem called “From little things big things Grow” Sometimes our politicians need to remember it. If you have time please listen to this song   sung by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody , two living music legends in Australia.

28 thoughts on “people power

    1. Thanks Sue. This is the old Beaumaris High School site. A new school is to be built BUT following secret negotiations with the Melbourne Cricket Club and also the Beaumaris Soccer Club who is involved. The plan was to clear the whole site of trees , whack in a huge international size cricket ground, another cricket ground a full size Soccer pitch a sports pavilion and huge lights and nets. This being WORLD CLASS SPORTING FACILITIES, wow for the MCC and BSC but horror for all the conservation minded people of Beaumaris and bayside . AND then a new school is to be built in the corner down on the Reserve Rd Balcombe road intersection. No details, no community consultation. The secrecy and mushroom language and this from a Labour state government.


      1. Gosh. I wish you every strength your battle to withstand the pressure of the corporate dollar. I know the area refer to. My parents lived near that intersection for many years. It’s great that so many people are turning out to protest against the development.


  1. A great post and haiku for the power of the people against those who continue to destroy nature. It reflects sooo badly on those in charge to think they could do this without consulting the community and nature conservation charities. Well done to all of you for making a stand and I hope this can be resolved for the highest good. Thank you for sharing the beautiful song as well, very fitting ☺


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Xenia. We wait for a public consultative meeting, interesting is the wait given the original secretive urgency to proceed. Around the world we are seeing more of politicians from all sides of the spectrum treating their constituents like idiots.

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  2. Seeing your community catch this project before the deed was done is heartwarming. The turnout on short notice is impressive. I hope you’ll be able to report a satisfactory conclusion!


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