glass memories



from ashes

glass fragments were found




This small stained glass  window captures your attention at the entry of Waipu Cathedral in Napier New Zealand. The work of art was constructed of stained glass fragments collected by parishioners after the devastating 1931 earthquake. The cathedral was destroyed and so were most of the original large stained glass windows. While we were staying in Napier recently Jill felt 2 tremors, just more of the 250 plus tremors  after the latest big quake struck Kaikoura on the East coast of the South Island in early November seriously impacting on the people and infrastructure of that region. New Zealand lies right along part of the Pacific Rim of Fire with earthquakes and volcanic activity being a constant reminder to the brave people who live there.

24 thoughts on “glass memories

  1. Your haiku really drew me in to your photos and story. I have never seen reconstructions like that and they are moving monuments to memory and survival. The residents are brave living in an earthquake zone…it occurred to me that you and Judith were brave to visit 🙂


    1. Thanks Janice.
      We had booked the holiday and were not going to pull out. We had originally planned to visit earlier and would have been in Wellington when the earthquake struck.
      Apparently there are similar reconstructed windows in some English churches after WW2

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      1. Your postponement was fortunate and I can understand not wanting to pull out..I travelled by plane (for a holiday and wedding) two days after 911 and felt nervous about it.


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