car pose


new car then

remembering now

past coast trips


This is my contribution to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 131 Car & Coast. To see how many other haiku poets reflected on past coastal car trips visit

Eleven years ago Jill and I took our new Renault Scenic  for some coastal holidays . In the first image the car is posing on the breakwater at Portland in Victoria. I still have memories of  the bay in the background. When I was a young teenager my parents took me fishing one day in my uncle’s little 14 foot dinghy with an outboard motor on the back. We were drifting along when my father began to hurriedly try and start the motor and flooded it.  There was a shark circling the boat and it was bigger than it. Suddenly the engine came to life and we were away. Never again did we go out in that bay. This is a summary of all else that took place in that incident. A short story maybe!

The second shot is a couple of months later at Bermagui in New South Wales. WE were on our way to Canberra and dawdling along the beautiful Sapphire Coast .

Both images were taken with our trusty little Fuji Digital, before the DSLR days.


15 thoughts on “car pose

  1. I saw a photo on the news yesterday of a boy surfing alongside a shark in the wave. He said he hadn’t seen the shark while it was happening. The dad, who was taking the pictures didn’t either, only upon review of the shots did he notice. After that encounter I don’t blame your dad. A nice post with an adventurous memory Denis:)


      1. Ja, but the smaller ones e.g canon 7D is fast, but not full frame. I did consider 100D at some stage, but too few sensors for safari pic and cannot attach 400m+ The newer 5D is not that exciting 😥 sigh. What will you recommend?


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