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gates can talk




This is my contribution to the one a week week Photo Challenge  and the challenge is is Gate . For this years challenge planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at

These three gates tell different stories. The first entices one into a Japanese garden in Brisbane of all places. The second is our old gate at home with Kara letting passing people and dogs know they need to beware. The third is a missing gate at the Griffith Island Lighthouse near Port Fairy. In fact the gate is not all that is missing from the old Keepers cottage, this fence and  a few bluestones is all that shows where the settlement stood.

21 thoughts on “gates

    1. Not quite a Japanese Japanese gate Sandra but close except for the lawn inside!! our gate has always been the window to the outside for all our dogs , they spent a lot of time standing , sitting and passing through that old gate and Charlie with the new one. It is so important for a dog to see beyond the home and yard.

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    1. Thanks Melissa. I will usually only do a challenge post if there is a photo in my library rather than go out and seek one, then the haiku comes. Any other post can be either haiku or image generated.


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