lunch time


bird traffic 

seeking seed below

time to eat



Recently we visited the Mornington Peninsula gallery to experience  an incredible  exhibition called ” Birds – Flight Paths in  Australian Art”

The exhibition was spectacular  and also the display from a flock of well over a hundred Little Corellas was entertaining. The flock was ascending, descending , alighting , feeding  all at the same time in and around  and beneath the adjoining Pines and Cypresses that were seeding. Corellas and Cockatoos love the seeds from these trees during Summer. The noise is deafening and brought back memories of my childhood in Western Victoria when similar sized flocks would arrive at our house yard that was surrounded by massive pine trees and Cypresses.

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summer evening


sinking sun

sweaty radiant heat

no relief

A recent sunset over Port Phillip Bay from Ricketts Point after one of our hotter summer days. We haven’t had the heat waves of recent years this summer although predictions are for 3-4 days over 30 oC next week as Autumn kicks in. The sunsets have also not been as consistently spectacular so far this year.

This haiku is my response to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 137 Sweat & Heat.  Visit   to see many other poetic interpretations of these challenge words in haiku.



longer legs 

keep feathers dry

at feed time


This pair of Masked Lapwings, (Spur Winged Plovers) were convinced there was some tasty morsel or two waiting for them on the shore at Ricketts Point. Usually they are seen in wetlands or roadsides, anywhere food is offering. They often set up nests in parklands and school grounds and then a problem arises. Both male and female have a spur on one wing and aggressively defend their nest. This can result in wounds to the heads of unwary humans and other animals. Otherwise their haunting cry at night is a sign their is life in the neighbourhood grasslands.

summer love


so risky

late summer lovers

he escaped




Last week we were over at Heide Gallery in Bulleen to see the Georgia O Keefe, Grace Cossington – Smith  and Margaret Preston exhibition.    AS usual the cafe was not coping with accommodating customers because of the huge number of people who pre book, ( they could just let people serve as they turn up) so Jill and I wandered off to look at the gardens/park. I was looking down at the cottage garden when I noticed a large spider web  .This set of images shows a pair of Golden Orb Weaving spiders,( she is the big one). This male was cautiously moving in for the moment of bliss as I snapped away, notice in the second image one leg cautiously dropping down to the female.I could not bear to watch his fate and wandered off to join Jill in the Native Tree Garden.  I told her about the spiders and we dropped in on the way back. This time the male got away and we saw him far up in the web no doubt pleased with himself. The Females have been known to catch and eat small birds and even snakes in their strong webs.

late dinner

hunting bird

summer day fading

hungry eyes



hunting bird


summer day fading


hungry eyes

This Kookaburra has recently been seen and heard in Long Hollow reserve. We have come across it twice during our evening strolls. The local council has put up beware of snakes signs in this and the local parks after a number of tiger snakes were seen on coastal paths. Rumour has it one was also seen in this reserve. Maybe the Kookaburra read the sign and is on the lookout for a tasty snack.

This is my contribution to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 136 Eye  & Fade. Visit Ronovans blog  and read a vast array of creative haiku from around the world.



off the lead

smells blow on the wind

free to please


Roaming around in the bush near Bendigo was one of Charlie’s happiest experiences. Having just missed a wallaby once she was always on the lookout however we were more careful before the lead came off. There were always many different scents both on the wind and the ground. Occasionally we would come across a prospector with a metal detector, people walking dogs or themselves and plenty of motor bike and 4X4 tyre marks.

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