late summer


gentle wings

sharing my garden

summer ends


Version 2

We are experiencing a late summer heat wave as Autumn arrives. Consequently the butterfly bushes are blooming and attracting butterflies ,naturally, and also bees . These images are three of the different types that flit around here. Of course the biggest and most beautiful ones always appear when I am not wandering around with my camera (including a 150- 500 telephoto and monopod) or disappear the moment I come out of the house to look for flying action. Across Summer we noticed more numbers and variety of butterflies  than in recent years so that is a good piece of local ecological news.

15 thoughts on “late summer

  1. That’s a lovely haiku Denis, and it pairs well with your photos. That second one is especially bright and colourful, a natural beauty all round.


  2. Beautiful photos and haiku. ‘Gentle wings’ are such a treat and it’s nice to know that you are seeing a variety of them. The bright deep purple of the flower cluster is amazing.


    1. Thanks Janice. This Summer has been great for Butterflies. The plant is a Buddleia commonly known as The Butterfly Bush, its an exotic to Australia but our butterflies and bees love them.

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