beats the floor

sleeping like a king

daybed dog

Of all our Afghans only Kara defied the ban on furniture. She happily acquired sofa’s and beds but reluctantly returned to her own sofa futon if pushed. The older she became the more liberties she took. However she started young as seen below at 3 months of age.

Of the others Kelly would always be on the bed in the morning if the temperature dropped below about 8 oC overnight  although we never heard or felt her getting  there. And Charlie would only get on the bed if there were thunderstorms or she was having a phantom pregnancy.

This is my double challenge contribution to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge 139 King & Day to see more contributions visit

and this is also my contribution to the one a week week Photo Challenge  and the challenge this week is FLOOR ( in the first 2 images floors are secondary props) . For this years challenge planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at

24 thoughts on “peaceful

    1. WE used to have cats too and I won’t go there except to say they were confined to their own locked room at night. At one time we had 3 cats and 2 Afghans.


  1. ‘Sleeping like a king’ indeed. Our little dogs own our couch and bed…and I gave up on dog beds because they ripped them like chew toys. Our pets do have their own personalities as you highlight in your writing.

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    1. Kara took ownership of us at 10 weeks and we were advised to feed her calcium powder to make her a strong dog. Well she ended up at 40 kilos and bigger than most male Afghans


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