a hidden surprise

bunyip like

smoking amongst trees

now so old

We spent last weekend at Castlemaine and became caught up in the Castlemaine Arts festival. See http://castlemainefestival.com.au/   On Saturday we were chasing an open artists workshop trail on a back road near Walmer/Muckleford when we came upon this train.

The BUNYIP is a mythical Australian Aboriginal creature, large , black, living in swamps and marshes and active after dark. Bunyip stories made sure children did not stray at night. To support this story an active night bird called the Australasian Bittern lives in swamps and makes incredibly spine chilling boom boom noises. I could not resist the opportunity for metaphor.

There is a historical  train society that maintains the rail link between Castlemaine and Maldon and regularly runs tourist trips between the 2 towns and were certainly in action with the festival. The train and rolling stock predates the mid C20th . At the time I felt  haiku coming on, then I discovered the one a week Photo Challenge word challenge this week is HISTORICAL . This is my challenge. For this years challenge planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at  https://nanacathydotcom.wordpress.com/one-a-week-photo-challenge-2017/

Can you spot two ducks in one of these photos?


28 thoughts on “a hidden surprise

      1. Ah yes, love of trains comes from our childhood days. It was same for me too, I remember the black and steam trains… how excited to watch them and their sounds, smell… it was so beautiful. You are welcome, Love, nia


    1. Thanks Annette thats a great compliment. Funny thing is I used to be an English teacher and encouraged my students to be creative writers. I recently Did a workshop with a writer as preparation for my first novel I am writing. One activity for the workshop was to sketch out a story line. I did one on a sheep that escaped to the bush and the group said it would make a great children’s story.Now you mention this there are a couple of ideas I have. What I need is an artist but first i have to finish the first draft of my novel.

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        1. Thanks Sandra, Any ideas are welcome, this is a concept sitting in a queue and will happen. First I have to finish the first draft of my first novel. It went on hold for our trip to new Zealand and I have to get back into it, 62,000 words down but lots to do. Then I will try to activate my childrens’ sheep story about a Ram that escaped into the bush and lived with Kangaroos etc until discovered with an enormous coat of wool. He was saved, shorn and rehabilitated. I have a great concept ready but thats all. I will keep you informed.

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      1. Wow Dennis, busy busy! I’m so impressed that sounds like a lot of work. The story of the ram is ringing a bell with me, I think it might have been on British TV at some stage. I really want to make that ram now!!!! Ha! with an ever growing woolly coat. I look forward to hearing more about your writing progress.


  1. Hello Denis! Great photos. I love the old train. It looks like something my brother and I played with as kids (smaller version, of coarse). I saw the two ducks in the first photo. I enjoyed your haiku too. 😀 xx


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