summer pups

coping with the heat

growing fast

This is what 8 week old Afghan Hound pups look like. Little bundles of fur, ears and legs and sharp little needle like teeth. Born in the later half of December in the Australian Summer they were learning all about the heat. Play sessions were quickly followed by immediate naps, then a bit more play etc etc.

The bottom picture shows little Maggie being nursed by Jill. We were invited to visit these beautiful pups in February and were honoured to be offered Maggie who was needing a home in the immediate future. At the time we had made plans to travel up to late May and had to decline the generous offer. Circumstances for Maggie have since changed and we  are now able to provide her a home at the end of May. Meanwhile she will grow and those teeth will be sharper  and her sense for adventure will have grown.

40 thoughts on “sleep/play/sleep/play

  1. I am so happy so happy… You are all lucky that you all found each others. My best wishes and Blessing. Be sure how excited I am now… Thank you, Love, nia


  2. What a lovely haiku suprise and the pups look adorable! Maggie has landed on her paws with such a wonderful home to look forward to. Congratulations to you both and the end of May will come round very soon! :o)


    1. Thanks Sue . Artificial insemination means Charlie and Maggie share the same father even though he died some years ago. Dog breeders are serious when they get onto sound lines.


  3. Awwh puppies so much energy and fun and those sudden naps! We always love our new dog/puppy, but we never forget those no longer with us. I think there is a kind of contentment focused by the contrast of remembering our losses.


  4. Hello Denis! Just checking in on your page when I can… What a lovely surprise to read about Maggie! I am sure she will feature in future posts. I look forward to seeing her on your page (^-^) Have a wonderful Easter break!


    1. Thanks Maybelle. She was first promised to us in January, then we visited in February as in the photos but we were unable to accept her then. Now circumstances have changed .


    1. She will be Jen, at the 8 weeks stage she could be anything but her breeding suggests a wonderful personality and lots of adventure and already her large feet suggest she will be big.

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    1. Hi Joyce, only one cutie is coming , that is Maggie with the white nose spot. Two Afghan pups is masochism . She is coming in June and will be 5 months old then. Charlie was 9 months when she came here. The same Afghan breeder , Ada, also gave Charlie to us, we are so lucky. Maggie is Charlie’s half sister, they share the same father although he died 4 years ago.

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        1. When we visited Maggie she had 5 9 week-old siblings, they were an attack squad, all teeth and urine and energy, at times we had up to 3 hanging off our feet/shoes/legs/ I got up on a platform with their mother, she was smart, Jill stayed on the ground and was mobbed.

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