sap tears trickling

seeking help

This wattle and others along the boardwalk in Long Hollow Reserve Beaumaris are in trouble. They are under attack from insects and judging from the amount of sap we saw, it is a sustained attack.  This reserve is a treasure , where many rare flora once prolific in our bayside environment still exist in small numbers. To see larger more common species struggling as in these photos indicates the dire condition  remnant pockets of native vegetation endure. Right next to Long Hollow our state Education Department has begun developing a new school site which in itself is a great thing however most of the school land will be taken up with 2 huge cricket ovals, a full size soccer pitch and a large sports pavilion all financed in a deal with the private Melbourne Cricket Club. We locals who fought hard to stop all trees and shrubs on the school site being ripped out, ( a few were kept) still do not know the long term effects  this sporting facility will have on the reserve because the agreement between the Education Department and the Melbourne is a secret deal. This is a Socialist state government in a secret ,”commercial in confidence” deal with a private organisation using public land. Economic rationalism has gone mad when left wing governments do secret deals and will not inform the local community. This is not DEMOCRATIC government at work.

22 thoughts on “weeping

  1. This seems to be happening across the globe and the non-involvement of the local community is on the increase too. We recently had a local issue come to light because of a few vigilant local groups and now it is being debated in parliament. Your images and haiku are very symbolic and nature needs our help.


    1. Thanks for your support Xenia. The most important thing is to keep the facts up front and speak collectively. The truth always wins over lies , corruption, deceit and secrecy. Sometimes it takes longer.

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  2. I see the politicians just do as they please there too. By the time they get it together to take environmental issues seriously it will be too late. Maybe they think they are immune to the end results.


    1. The park in this image is a state government issue where the relevant people are ecological disasters.. The Reef on the other hand is threatened by global warming and a possible development of a huge coal mine. Our federal conservative government is full of climate change denying science disbelievers.
      Politics in Australia is at an all time low at the moment.

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