The Prom

wombats play

kookaburra laughs

people search

wombats play

kookaburra laughs

people search

We have just returned from a holiday away at Wilson’s Promontory National Park, known affectionally as THE PROM. This is the most Southerly point on the Australian mainland and one of the most visited national parks in the country. It had been nearly 20 years since we last visited here, in those days  carrying everything in packs and hiking on tracks for hours to  camp sites kilometres from cars etc was our forte. This time at that pampered stage of life we stayed in a fully serviced cabin with all luxuries except TV, wifi and that kind of stuff hence no posts, visits comments from me for over a week. Every day we walked, rested, watched wildlife, took photos, remembered, read, knitted and then rested some more. The peace and quiet was a therapy. We both wrote some haiku. The Wombat lived with its baby under our cabin so we were able to watch them closely, as in walk around them if they were on the paths. The Kookaburra was quietly sitting outside our window revving up for a laugh at the Wombats. There were few people around and many of them like us were out using our senses.

 During our stay the weather was often cold, windy and sometimes wet, the sky was usually overcast and sunshine a rare visitor. If you have time to visit this link there are images of the Prom from across the year . I will post some more haiku/image stories  from our experience.

22 thoughts on “The Prom

  1. I like the way your haiku captures the scene at the park you visited — so well illustrated by your photos. Wombats and khookabura (sorry if spelling is wrong) are beautiful creatures. It must have been lovely to have them nearby!


    1. Thanks Janice. The environment there was certainly inspiring after suburbia. Wombats are marsupial bulldozers they eat and sleep are a bit more lively than Koalas and dig burrows in the ground.

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    1. Wombats are pretty dumb Annette, they basically eat on the slow move, sleep and dig burrows. Up close they are cute but not cuddly. The Kookaburra song, (laugh) is an Australian icon.


    1. The Prom certainly is a magical place to recharge energy etc. Wombats are curious animals, they are basically mostly nocturnal loners that live in large burrows and graze on grasses. Also not too bright. Around hiking campsite they tend to forage after human food so packs have to be hung in trees at night. We learnt the hard way when our brand new Norwegian all weather tent was torn open by a hungry wombat many years ago.


  2. I’m with Sue. A well-fed wombat sounds good. Loved your haiku, Denis. The last line was very striking. I’d rather play and laugh, but yes it is in our nature to tend to search. Welcome back to blogging. ❤


      1. Yes, many wild animals look cuddly *LOL* but I won’t touch them either. Very bad incident with the penguins when I was young. Back than in South Africa, the penguins were not fenced off by the beach. I was “robbed” of my Kit Kat. Bad for the penguin and bad for me. haha


        1. A great story Joyce. I should not confess that as a young teenager I used to wade out to an island where nesting penguins would discover me poking sticks down their burrows. They would rush out and attack and rightly so. Never tried luring them with Kit kats though.


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