grey forest 

quick flash off yellow

autumn bird

Birds in their natural environment are always exciting to watch and listen to.  This Eastern Yellow Robin is a relatively common bird however it is not widespread across Victoria mainly found in forests and scrub down the east coast. We had never seen one so imagine our amazement to be joined on a walk by this curious little Robin  who stayed close to us for a few minutes.. The next day two more made our acquaintance close to the cabin we stayed in.

The one a week Photo Challenge word challenge this week is BIRD . This is my offer. For this years 52 weekly challenges planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at

20 thoughts on “curious

  1. This is great job, so lovely bird. I know how difficult to capture them, they are very fast… I loved the way you captured. Thank you dear Denis, Love, nia


  2. What a beautiful little bird, I had never seen a yellow robin before and they seem just as friendly as the red robins. Lovely photographs and haiku to capture this wonderful experience :o)


  3. I was marveling at seeing a yellow robin and then read that it was new for you too…a wonderful haiku moment. I enjoy seeing him with the layers of focus in the trees.


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