stationary stillness

silence guards

stone river watchers


The geography of Wilson’s Promontory National Park is as fascinating as the flora and fauna. Rocks of all shapes and sizes can be found through the Southern and Tidal River sections of the park. Tidal River is where we stayed in the luxury of a cabin where Wombat splayed around outside rather than barging in through the side of a tent. We walked  the boardwalk alongside Tidal River near the mouth and photographed these rocks in morning, afternoon and evening light. Many years ago I would lead groups of my junior school students down here on weekend hikes. One of my former students came back here as a Fine Arts graduate to rearrange groups of rocks he had seen years earlier into conceptual works of landscape art.

The one a week Photo Challenge word challenge this week is STATIONARY.  This is my contribution . For this years 52 weekly challenges planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at

25 thoughts on “stationary stillness

  1. Amazing view… Fascinating, dear Denis! How matched with the concept of stationary! I loved it. And also your haiku touches giving another meaning too all these views… Thank you, time stopped as if. Love, nia


  2. Hello Denis! Those pictures are amazing! I want to be there. I saw something similar to this in Alaska. Similar as far as the giant boulders laying everywhere. This is a river? The green hills, moss and mirror lazy river make this place gorgeous.


    1. This is a river and it flows into the sea just a couple of hundred metres away.Great to read you attraction to the Prom Vashti, it has that effect on one. If you get time check the link I provided with images for the entire year. If you travel to Australia places like this are where travellers should visit away from the crowded money grabbing tourist must sees.


  3. That 3rd photo is a total picture perfect. The reflection is beautiful.

    What a fab camping site! Lucky students 😃 my husband grew up in Paris, to him, this isn’t real haha


    1. Thanks Joyce. This gets better when there is no wind. The best campsites are a few hours hike away on desolate beaches. That is where we would walk the students, sometimes on 3 day 3 site walks. Has your husband checked the link showing photos across the year?

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