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sweet maggie

Sunday June 11th was the day Jill and I courageously took up the kind offer of homing Maggie the Afghan pup offered to us by the wonderful Ada and Terry Wilcox. When we first met Maggie in February the litter of 6 were a scrambling, swarming mass of teeth and energy. Even then she had a special personality. On Sunday 2 pups had migrated leaving these 4. As I snapped photos it almost seems Maggie was making the decision to leave the family and venture forth into the wider world at the tender age of 5 and a half months. Watch out for more instalments. AS I post this the little girl is fast asleep beside me on Charlie’s couch


31 thoughts on “maggie

    1. It might also be mine Sandra. Just back from the third long walk of the day and this one included a 400 metre mobile play time with another pup down a long narrow Oak park (both on leads). What fun!!!!!

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    1. She is Sue. At the moment she is mainly running me ragged, but I wear her out by lunchtime. The young possum is in the process of eviction and the noise scares Maggie a bit. She will get used to it all in time.

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