whats next

playful pup

challenging objects 

and humans

Maggie is constantly on the lookout for new and different items to discover . Her curiosity revolves around how things work or what noises they make. Jill and I have been fortunate to experience the behavioural challenges of puppyhood either side of Maggie. Kara joined us at 10 weeks, (too young), Suki at 7 months and Charlie at 9 months. So far it seems 9 months is the bottom limit. Strangely each has sought out items to destroy that are unique to them and then there are common ones.

Why, we wonder do all Afghan pups delight in messing with;

Balls of wool? socks? pot plant containers, (after they have been emptied)? ear plugs? toilet rolls?

So far Maggie’s unique  delight has been pulling grass plants out of the ground and trying to tidy up anything that is standing out from its larger self as in strands of cotton on cushions, pieces of lawn sticking up etc.

With Kara it was anything not secured. Suki had a penchant for books and shoes and Charlie used to collect gloves, fluffy toys and other interesting objects while out walking and bring them home.

19 thoughts on “whats next

  1. My first cocker spaniel loved treasure and took it to his basket, coins, toy cars and soldiers, anyhting shiny and hard. He even had his own money jar for the pennies we emptied from his basket, never did find out what he was saving for, the money went to the RSPCA. Our next dog loved soft toys and frequently helped himself to our boys teddies!


  2. Ha ha! Good-luck on the journey. Sometimes you need a sense of humor about the antics. My Sassy (Husky/Lab) once decided to destroy a cushion on my couch. Luckily I could sew it back up.


      1. Ah anticipating the final colours – an added extra to the delight of discovering the character of your puppy over the next year. She is already so beautiful.


  3. Wow! Feels like your haiku puts the process into perspective as you would for a child exploring the world, but what a challenge to keep up with her (her face is so sweet )


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