head turning art



winter coats for trees

head turning

Recently Jill and I visited Warrnambool and always visit the Botanic gardens. Jill’s   first commission  when she started her Landscape Architecture practice was a master plan for the gardens from Warrnambool Council. There can be rare birds to photograph there and we always check for any design and planting changes. We were surprised to find that these Palm Trees were well rugged up for Winter thanks to  a local creative knitting group practicing  Guerrilla Art.

Just the image for the one a week Photo Challenge word challenge and this week it is TURN.  This is my contribution . For this years 52 weekly challenges planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at  https://nanacathydotcom.wordpress.com/one-a-week-photo-challenge-2017/

25 thoughts on “head turning art

  1. The trees have been like that for a while. I think it was done for a famIly fun day last spring. Great photos. I’ ve tried a few times but haven’t got any good shots.


    1. Jill researched the project and apparently they have been taken down now. I had my 500 ml telephoto on a monopod so was able to zoom in both long shots and close up. It was great to see the scale of this project. In fact Warrnambool is looking very active and clean. I hear there’re some underlying issues with young people on weekend evenings but did not venture out to test it.

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      1. Sounds like you know a lot more about knitting , warrnambool and photography than I do. Warrnambool is good to me anyway. 🙂


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