dry winter

garden needs water


Maggie has a fascination for water. It has to be splashed, drunk, flicked and closely examined usually by dipping a front foot into the water. In Summer we will see if swimming is fancied. In the background a wire fence protects remaining pot plants in  the front yard ( she tried her hand at repotting very early on). Two larger fenced areas perform a similar function in the back yard. Up until this moment as captured in the images the hose and reel had been safe. Well almost. The day before these images I discovered she had unravelled the hose and dragged it across  the lawn leaving the nozzle beside her water bowl. We commented on what an intelligent dog she was and how she may learn to fill her bowl and even help water the garden once the nozzle was mastered. This day she tried to fill her bowl again except the hose became tangled in the holder. Maggie is strong and she gave a few gentle tugs then became more impatient. The viewer can see in the middle 2 images how she finally located the place where the hose was jammed however by then the entire holder had given up the battle . A felt a haiku coming on and raced inside the house for my camera, it was too late to save the equipment. A new holder now lies behind the fence and so does the back yard one.

We may wait a year before training Maggie on the finer points of using hoses and nozzles.



20 thoughts on “gardening

  1. Wonderfully Funny!!!!!
    The pictures tell the story and I love how a photo and haiku were your first thoughts!!!
    You might be barking up the wrong tree if you plan to make Maggie your apprentice in the garden.


    1. Thanks Sandra. Talking about bark and trees we have two trees called Paperbarks for obvious reasons. Maggie finds that tearing the bark off in long paper like strips then racing around ripping it to pieces adds to the compost levels in the garden/lawn. I think she was a gardener in an earlier life but was too rough on the plants.

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  2. Maggie is a lovely and adorable dog, and she will grow up more than this, isn’t it? A Big hUgs to her, I am sure she is friendly too. Beautiful photographs dear Denis, Thank you, Happiness and Blessing to you all, Love, nia


    1. Sounds like a great cat Xenia, we had one who could open doors and taught the dog how to also. Maggie is very intelligent but also very impatient, a combination we are working on including class time at obedience school twice a week.

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    1. Thanks for your faith in my patience Annette. I am actually going to put together a one draft book of Charlie images and haiku and see how it looks as i have enough, then a sunset one as i have lots and then maybe a Maggie one if she behaves.


  3. I’m glad your sense of humour is still intact :)) Maggie has enormous energy…maybe she’ll channel it one day into filling her bowl, watering the lawn…I’m amazed at how big Maggie is…she seems much bigger than in previous pictures.


    1. I am not sure about the sense of humour in reality, more patience. She is bigger and still growing for a bit, the coat also has to grow and that will be another problem as she fights a comb.

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