bush shadow

gains experience


Maggie has visited the bush behind our house in the Bendigo regional Park twice now. We will not let her off the lead for some time as she becomes overwhelmed with the new scents , noises and visual distractions.

These  images are for the one a week Photo Challenge and this week for number  39 the challenge is SHADOW . For this years 52 weekly challenges planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at


24 thoughts on “cautiously

  1. Oo puppies are so excitable aren’t they, you forget just how much. Gorgeous. My sister has just welcomed an Australian Labradoodle into her family and he is still at the “crying through the night” phase.


    1. Excitable is an understatement Agnes. Your sister’s pup sounds very young. The cross breeding of Poodles with so many other breeds in Australia has become a huge industry however there are many health issues with some crossings.


      1. Yes, I know. I think my sister did quite a bit of research before choosing a suitable dog breeder. Unfortunately, when a breed or cross suddenly become very popular unscrupulous people jump on the money bandwagon. You have to be careful don’t you?


  2. The image and haiku capture the story beautifully Denis. Do you always have the lead attached to Maggie’s collar or have you tried her in a padded harness? She looks as if she can get very excited and a harness may be a bit safer 😉🐾🐾


    1. Thanks Xenia, this was one of Charlie’s favourite off lead places. Maggie will be lead attached for quite a while out there. You can see a harness attached across her back and under the leg if you look closely. That is her travelling harness and can be attached, although her excitement means any connection has to be short at times. She was promoted up a level at training school this morning because she was better behaved with older dogs and constant action.

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