our princess

regal forever


Charlie was feted wherever we went as such a regal looking dog. Fitting to remember her for the one a week Photo Challenge and this week for number  41 as the challenge is REGAL . For this years 52 weekly challenges planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at

Maggie is already capturing admiring comments and affections especially from many of  Charlie’s  human and dog friends who are thrilled to know they are half sisters. The royal bloodline continues.

half sister

big paws to follow

getting there



33 thoughts on “royalty

  1. That first photo of Charlie took my breath away – what a magnificent looking dog. Perfect for this week’s subject.
    Then the picture of Maggie makes me smile – she seems more of a Court Jester!


          1. It could be that she is highly intelligent and needs much to occupy her mind. I just looked up Afghan Hound to see what is in her DNA and found this site:
            You are probably very familiar with all it says, but it does say Afghans are difficult to train and looks like they need to RUN!
            I have two sons who needed to RUN, a lot, or they were unbearable!!!!!
            (they are 39 and 41 now and still need lots of sport in their lives)


            1. Thanks Sandra. That is an excellent site and comprehensively sums up the Afghan. Yes Maggie is highly intelligent and yes when she doesn’t get her 3 runs plus drive and run as in today when it was too hot after the morning then she goes feral later isn the day as in the last hour. As for brushing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still she is number 6 and Charlie was a perfect dog so we have to persevere.

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  2. A beautiful tribute to Charlie in both image and haiku Denis and a lovely dedication for Maggie too. It is good to see Maggie making so many new friends and I love that twinkle in her eye 😉🐾🐾


    1. Thanks Carol. They shared the same father, George. He was a beautiful dog and Charlie took after him. Maggie’s mother had her litter from IVF, George had been dead 4 years. We are hopeful some of George will emerge once mad puppy stuff finishes.


      1. Your welcome Denis…it sounds like Maggie is testing your experience…I was just commenting the other day on how the personalities of dogs I’ve known have deepened


      2. Perhaps because it’s morning my previous note escaped me prematurely. I was just saying that dog personalities that I’ve known have deepened with time and so there is much hope that Maggie’s ‘gaiety’ and busyness will be tempered with time and guidance…but as you’ve noted, it takes much patience in the meantime.


        1. And I agreee with your longer message as well Janice. We had a serious discussion about digging up the garden as I put in a fence this morning, she is very subdued now, but its also 31oC and that is definitely climate change at this time in October.

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            1. Thanks Janice, each day is a new expectation, today has been very good SO FAR !!! AS in hot weather, global warming is throwing our weather patterns out the window. We now expect so many 40oC plus days a Summer.

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              1. Unfortunately some places will suffer more than others from climate change and places that were already hot will become very hard to live in…I shudder to think of the plight of people without air conditioning in those temperatures.


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