fallen tree

nature wins and loses

wind has spoken

Just one of the hazards encountered on our brother and sister in laws’ bush property in the mountains East of Melbourne. They devote their entire property to the preservation of wildlife, mostly Indigenous although Deer, Foxes and cats tend to roam about. This creates quite a dilemma as they do not believe in  killing any life. At times Kangaroos have become too familiar such as wandering  into the garage and sitting down on armchairs. A large Brown Snake called Melissa lives under and in the roof of their dwelling. She tends to look after any mice that loiter.

11 thoughts on “roadblock

  1. A beautiful haiku Denis and very apt with so many fallen trees in Ireland after Ophelia. This looks like an amazing place to call home and I love the idea of kangaroos sitting down on armchairs in the garage! 😉


    1. Thanks Xenia. It is a lovely part of our state but dark characters drift up there to shoot and sometimes buy out of the way land. Hence their continued buying of surrounding land to extend the wildlife refuge. Some of the kangaroos and wombats are very trusting.

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