memorable walk

special place

enticing for a walk

orchids call

Walking the track out the back of our house in Bendigo is one of our favourite places. There is a small remaining pocket of ground where native orchids still flourish  from Winter across into early Spring. These beautiful tiny plants were much more abundant  everywhere in this area of The Bendigo Regional Park. However 2 severe wild fire burn offs by the State Government authorities during the last decade has all but eliminated Orchids now except in our special place that lies just at the edge of the burnt areas. We have  an impressive photographic record of native orchids from this entire area dating back to the 1970’s, including a couple of species  that we have not seen for 30 years. Each year we return with hope and cameras. Both these photos are taken at the same spot on the track. Charlie was trusted off lead in her mature years however Maggie must wait  a while before she wanders  the track independently.

This is my contribution to the one a week Photo Challenge and this week for number  45 the challenge is WALK . For this years 52 weekly challenges planned by Cathy and Sandra visit Cathy’s blog at

21 thoughts on “memorable walk

  1. It is so sad so many orchids have disappeared that could have been saved with better decisions at the time. You are very blessed to walk in this special corner and bring Maggie here – your haiku is beautiful ☺


  2. “Orchids call” is enticing…makes me want to see them too. I like your photos —how they mirror each other and that they are taken in the same spot though years apart.


    1. Thanks for your perceptive interpretation of my Haiku Olga. The 3/5/3/ format is easier to create but much more difficult to satisfactorily execute. I find 5/7/5/ gets too wordy. However any combination is OK even 1/1/1 theoretically.

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