shades of grey

reflecting coldness

lonely times

In the depths of Winter 2019  Haiku Hound returns to the blogging world. I have missed my blogging and the wonderful bloggers I have met. Nia of sunset and cat blogging fame from Istanbul recently prompted me to return. Thank you Nia.  Much has happened since Maggie and I bid Sayonara in November 2017. Plans rarely come to fruition and time gathers speed when it seems to be unplanned. My novel is still drifting along as a draft and has had many about to starts. Another is just around the corner. Maggie is  now two and a half years old and finally beginning to settle down. Most of my time and energy has been used up on Maggie who has had a series of health issues caused by her seasons. We decided to trial a contraceptive implant to control her hormones 6 months ago and she has blossomed. More posts will follow and cover the last missing months.

World politics has reached new depressing lows in these past 20 months. Australians recently re-elected a conservative government that has no heart, no policies and no understanding of our country and refuses to acknowledge the dangers of Climate Change . As for Trump’s tweets and Boris I will remain silent. A glimmer of hope for the future comes from New Zealand, where  Jacinda Ardern leads with compassion and honesty.

20 thoughts on “Returning

  1. I am so happy to see you back to the blogging world dear Denis, I missed you and your lovely post and sure your lovely Maggie too…

    Time passes… we don’t understand while we are living but look, how long you haven’t been away from blogging world,… But always returning is so nice…

    Politics in everywhere in the world seems that not very good and I can’t understand, especially in my country too. But still there is hope for future… With such an amazing politicians, like Jacinda Ardern (I really like her) and also our new politician Ekrem İmamoğlu (he is right now our new mayor of İstanbul but his way is very starry and nice, he is going to be up and up… He is our miracle for now….

    We have two cats now… not easy but we love them so much…

    Thank you, it is a wonderful start, I am so happy to see you dear Denis, Good Luck and Happy time in this blogging world… Love, nia


    1. Thanks so much Nia for prompting me to stop thinking about re blogging, and actually get started again.I think Istanbul has a lot to be happy about with your new Mayor. Great to hear about the new cats.I will soon be seeing their photos.

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  2. Nice to see you’re back. Agree with you re general world politics, and, sadly, Johnson is as divisive in UK as Trump is USA. They are both charlatans.


  3. Dennis!!! You’re back!!! So good to have you back:)) So good to hear that Maggie is alright.

    Yes, it does feel like the world is going to hell in a hand basket with all nuts at the helm. So good to have you back Denis. The novel will come when it comes:)



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