no nature

developers greed

environment destroyed

no chance for haiku


One hundred metres down the street from our home these photos show  where a suburban house and garden once stood for over 60 years, where families shared their lives, where plants once grew and died , where birds, animals and insects     co-existed in nature. Now all gone.A desert of flat dozed lifeless dirt. Already foundations are being created to build fence to fence double story townhouses and concrete hard surface and maybe a few plants in pots. Gone is a local history and an ecosystem, not an original one but an ecosystem that saw many indigenous life forms existing. Through the gap in the rear fence where green weeds grow the same thing happened last year and over that next street the same again. This is happening all across our suburb and in neighbouring suburbs and on and on in Melbourne Australia. Population growth demanding new dwellings and  a greed from property developers to squeeze as many living spaces on a block of land as possible  means vegetation and fauna loss on an increasing scale. We have noticed the little birds have disappeared from our garden and that is one small sign. Our local government is unable to limit or control this madness, this environmental destruction. As well the loss of trees and shrubs adds to global warming. Maybe these images sum up Australia’s attitude as a nation to global warming.                   No chance for haiku !!!!!!

13 thoughts on “no nature

  1. This is a problem, that I can see in everywhere in the world… How and what make them stopp… Less nature more concrete… I hate. It is same in here too and there is not anymore nature area… This is also tragic for earth life… we damage the essence of being nature, and any creature on this earth… Your photograph by they way reminds me Great Designs… 🙂

    Thank you dear Denis, have a nice day, Love, nia


  2. It is just so, so depressing. Here in UK the Johnson ‘new’ cabinet makes you want to weep, weep, weep. Horrifyingly, the climate crisis simply isn’t on the agenda.


    1. Remember Agnes at the moment only a few thousand, mainly white Anglo-Saxon middle aged male members of the Conservative party have actually voted for Boris to be PM. One hopes many more British voters use the power of their ability to vote come the next election. That may be soon!!!

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      1. I’d really like to hope you are right, but we are a very divided nation at the moment. Many people who have been at the wrong end of ‘austerity’ politics have been misled into believing all the problems have been caused by the European Union. These people will also believe all the Johnson bluster and lies and are highly likely to vote for Johnson especially if he comes to some kind of deal with Farage and the Brexit Party. And, neither Johnson or Farage care about the climate crisis and won’t care until it hits their bottom line. Grim times here and grim times across the planet.


  3. The same thing is going on here. Where an old Victorian once stood, there is now high priced condos. That no one can afford. No one that I know anyway. I’m wondering if these non believers in climate realize that this affects one and all. Unbelievable!


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