here comes the sun

a cool southern sun

saving more heat for europe

climate change is real

Not much heat is coming from the sun down in our Southern Hemisphere Winter. However for weeks now we hear and read about the record breaking Summer temperatures across Europe. Our current climate records show drier Winter conditions leading to less rain that quickly leads to drought . Across the planet the climate is slowly unravelling with disastrous consequences and our politicians close their corrupted ears to the messages. A teenage Swedish schoolgirl makes more sense of global warming than the G20 group of world leaders.

5 thoughts on “here comes the sun

  1. I remember that. There was also a great wave in Alaska sometime around there. Turned out it was a week or two before my cruise there. I witnessed the crumbling of the edge of a glacier. A feeling got


    1. The reality of the impact of climate change on all aspects of our lives is confronting. However it seems conservative politicians across the world and those making a dollar out of global warming inducing practices remain unmoved.


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