unleashed excitement

freedom comes in all sizes

maggies play moments

Maggie is now tracking along, living a well cared for life with plenty of leisure time. At the moment this small park is the only secure ,fenced, off lead park for dogs in our city. There are 12,500 registered dogs so fortunately most can be trusted off lead in unsecured parks and only 5-20 are at this one on most occasions we visit.

We did visit other parks however our local government recreation department decided to take gates off many that had secure gated fences. Maggie quickly discovered that no gates led to free runs ย with a hint of danger.

Yet another political challenge arises, this one at a more localised level.


19 thoughts on “released

  1. Maggie is so adorable and amazing. And dear Denis you captured so beautiful moments of them, Fascinated their speed and wind ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, have a nice weekend, Love, nia


    1. Thanks Nia. She certainly moves very quickly. The camera lens picks up and freezes angles the eye does not see. Often she only has one foot on the ground as she runs, and at other times she is flying.

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  2. It’s so lovely to see Maggie run and play! Over here we only have a few enclosed dog parks and these are owned and managed by community groups. Perhaps you and your community can come together and organise your own safe play areas too ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ


    1. Other than racing around our house and suburban yard this is the only local area she can go crazy. Outside the yard she is not obedient and doesn’t behave like your lovely pair of whippets.

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        1. Ani would love Maggie Sue. Maggie is the first Afghan we have known who is ball mad. She has tennis balls all over the yard and one inside. She also has brought home a soccer ball, a football and two other balls. She tears open a tennis ball then swings it around like a mace. This is her favourite ball play.


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