crowded pond

food frenzy

pampered sacred carp

eat float swim

At shrines and historic places in Japan a strategically placed pond of carp are often a a highlight for visitors.

Coloured Carp have a cultural significance, especially golden ones, signifying regal importance as seen in

the first image, and white with large  red dots signifying the national flag. This pond of feeding carp was at

the Glover Museum in Nagasaki that we visited in 1990. I have been scanning my way through our slide

collection and will share more Haibun across the year.

10 thoughts on “crowded pond

  1. I love the bow to Basho in the title Denis and the contrast with the stillness found in so many ponds. Both the images and words capture the frenzy and I look forward to seeing more haibun across the year 🙂

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    1. I agree Sandra. Did your see many such ponds on your Japanese trip? These fish are bred for such displays and some lines go back to Medieval Emperors Court days. Thos gold and white/red circle fish are from especially long lines of breeding.

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      1. No I didn’t – we saw an endless number of temples, so I am surprised we didn’t. I suppose if they have been bred for so long in captivity they might have become genetically adjusted to the life – some comfort there.


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