fuji san

glimpse of white

shedding winter snow

fuji san

                                                                                                                                                  Mount Fuji seen from across Lake Hakone. At the top of that wooded mountain in the middle foreground one looks down across a valley to the city of Gotemba nestled at the base of Fuji and then your eyes are drawn upwards to the majesty of that Japanese icon. More images of that view at sunset will come.

17 thoughts on “fuji san

  1. Wonderful poetic response. Thanks Sandra. This was the only trip to Japan where I saw Fuji from a distance. All other times the sightings were closer and one had to look up and up . I have another haiku somewhere for that experience. Once with a group of my students we stood on a mountain roadside and all we could see was cloud and smog with no Fuji. I kept saying look up and pray and suddenly the clouds parted and towering above us for seconds they were rewarded by Fuji San.


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