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Anyone who was following my blog before I took a break to finish my novel draft that is not yet finished will remember Maggie was a growing young pup. She is now two and a half , fully grown and has experienced a range of dog activities that all add to her maturity. Photos from top down show we have 1. the reflective wise dog. 2. The I don’t want a stick when a stump has more promise dog. 3. The play leader at the park dog. 4. The I am so well behaved at the groomers dog. 5. The I definitely know possums hang out in this bush dog. 6. The mentor, as in (what mischief next little mate?) dog.

As you see she plays hard, behaves when she wants to, does not take second best and is curious. She is also very beautiful and endearing especially when she gets on the bed each morning, gives us a lovely kiss and muzzle and settles in so that when we get up and find a chewed book or de-fluffed slipper, or tooth marked brush or shredded roll of toilet paper we forgive her and say, ” she is getting less destructive with her naughty acts”