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September 20th was one of the most significant days of this century and perhaps of all times. This was the day when young people across the world responded to Greta Thunberg’s call to turn out and let world leaders attending the UN Climate Action Summit in New York to start acting, (fast) as time has almost run out to keep carbon emissions at a safe level. Here in Australia hundreds of thousands heeded Greta’s call. Jill and I attended the response in Melbourne along with over 150,000 others. Our conservative government is ignoring the science and reality, making a lot of noise about acting, however emissions in Australia have kept rising and we are exporting huge quantities of coal to Asia to be burnt. Our Prime Minister was in New York but did not attend the summit, he was not allowed to speak because of his government’s poor record. Instead he met with President Trump, attended a gala function with lots of right wing political and business people and also opened a factory with Trump. The mood has strengthened for Climate Change Action in Australia since September 20 and will continue to strengthen despite our government. They will grow increasingly irrelevant and could not possibly win the next election. I have included a short video I took on the 20th to share the mood.

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  1. Good for you! The youth all over the world are offering a glimmer of hope for our species, which otherwise seems to be on a path of self destruct. We eco-warriors do what we can. I believe we will tilt the balance eventually, maybe Greta Thunberg will help to speed up the process – I do hope so.

    Action is building
    We must Keep Going!


  2. People rallying is an important development. The entrenched backward responses of right wing ‘leaders’ is so frustrating. Canada has a federal election coming up in October and climate change is being talked about more than ever before during the campaign. Interesting times lie ahead because I am not sure any of the parties have what it takes to guide the changes that are needed…but hopefully there is change and in a positive direction (as opposed to a backslide to a conservative government or maintenance of the status quo).


    1. The trend in Australia is that politicians from left and right have lost touch with the big issues , they exist in short term cycles, (win the power that goes with the next election) and pander to vested interests, (corruption). They also ignore expert advice and scientific facts, rather listening to political idealogical hacks or big money donors, (corruption). Unfortunately Climate Change requires intelligent pro active decisions now with no political baggage holding up progress.It seems Greta is calling out most world leaders for lots of talk and little or no action.
      It is about greed and power now against the future of the planet. So the young ones have to lead the revolution .

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  3. I saw the news from Australia and was very impressed with the turnout across your major cities. It seems right across the world ordinary people of all types are beginning to seriously take notice and want change. I attended my local event in Ipswich and there were some amazingly articulate and passionate youngsters speaking out. Here in UK, Johnson et al are only paying lip service to all the calls for action, too busy with the sideshow of Brexit. However, many people are beginning to realise that polite protest has not gained us any significant change towards a completely new way of ‘sustainable’ living. And, to that end Extinction Rebellion, from October 7th, will be carrying out acts of civil disobedience. The world’s current crop of politicians are pathetic. They do not have the courage to tell it how it is and explain the unpalatable truth that we will all have to live very different lives. It’s not been a vote winner up until now, but maybe the protests have been and will be loud enough to reset the agenda.


    1. These are words of wisdom Agnes and support, thank you. Young Australians and Americans stood against morally corrupt politicians to end the Vietnam war and we won. I had friends jailed for this cause. I am so glad to see young people once again take up the fight against morally corrupt politicians and this is why Jill and I did not hesitate to join them. We will prevail with this one because everyone will be a winner including those who battle the reality of climate change.

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  4. This is great. Something(s) should be changed… There is only one Earth, one home… The world leaders, sometimes I think that they are not from this planet, and they don’t mind wharever to be happened on Earth… 🙂

    Thank you, Love, nia


    1. Indeed it does Annette, I suspect many more young people need credit for their understandings and actions. They are our future. I was always impressed with most of the students I taught across many years.


  5. It’s good to see people campaign for positive change Denis and we’re delighted the Scottish government has approved legislation to commit to ‘net zero emissions’ by 2045 😀


  6. Wonderful to hear that you added your voice to such a critical need for political will to affect change concerning our climate. I watched the media coverage of Canada’s massive response here in Montreal that day. My heart was with them.


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