waiting by the window

faithful dog

window of expectation

any moment now

Every Tuesday morning I would go to Yoga class and at midday Charlie would wait by the front room window looking out for my car to arrive. Jill captured this moment to show me how the routine would unfold. It is over three and a half years since Charlie died and we are often reminded of what a perfect dog she was. One of her understandings was not to get on furniture. Maggie on the other hand has commandeered every couch and bed in the house as well as her three dog futons. When she wants to look out this window Maggie climbs up on the furniture, (now a couch is under it) and presses her face against the window. Or if she is lying on the couch she raises and stretches her head and places it on the back of the couch to see who is coming in the gate. Then she decides to jump up and bark or slip off the couch and wait by the door or go back to sleep.

This is my contribution to the Photographic Monthly Meet up with the theme “WINDOWS at https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2019/10/02/oops-windows/

23 thoughts on “waiting by the window

  1. How lovely! They have all different character but at the end, they wait, they know to wait for their owner… On the other hand, (I know because of my cats) every house/home has its her routine life and some rules too, they get to used to them… even every sound in the house… it is so beautiful to have a friend like them… I love dogs too but with cats I haven’t had ever… not being easy for me. Thank you dear Denis, the photographs are so beautiful, she did great with these moments… Love, to you ALL, nia


  2. Your haiku captures the loyal expectancy of a waiting dog so well. It is wonderful to see Charlie again and in a different light (the dim indoors)…The contrast in the personalities of the two dogs is amusing…though I remember that rambunctious Maggie was (and maybe still is) a challenge after Charlieโ€™s poise.


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