dogs delight

spring cleaning
waiting for the dog
what a choice

Maggies inside toys waiting to be put away for the evening.. When she is particularly playful many of these will be scattered across our lounge and dining room, in the hallway, kitchen and on the couch. She has particular favourites for the mood she is in. Bigger ones are for throw and fetch, smaller ones are for close up push and pull and this gets dangerous as the teeth can be involved. Sometimes we can call a particular name and she may choose it, for instance there is Ted, Elk, Ratty, Parrot, Turtle Tom and Mick the Monkey. Most of this collection has been collected of the street, in car parks and parks by Charlie and now Maggie.

Since I took this photo she found and brought home a 1 metre stuffed snake toy. An observant reader will notice none of these toys have been damaged. Charlie and now Maggie respect their toys. What kids and parents leave abandoned in public is amazing.

The outside collection is another story. Destruction and damage are the norm. Again there is a collection of balls, as in many tennis balls, a Soccer ball, a football, a large rubber ball, a plastic ball and one frisbee. There was another frisbee that was her absolute favourite however this was finally totally demolished last week. Tug of war, chase and fetch with balls and frisbee and swing the old runner by the laces are favourite games. All outside games come with an element of danger to humans as jumping, hitting, grabbing prodding and twirling are involved. Again most of the balls have been found and brought home. The soccer ball was rolled up the street by Maggie using her nose. The football was found in a street in Toorak, our poshest suburb and proudly carried a long distance back to the car by Maggie in her teeth by the lace to the disdain/amusement/ confusion of many onlookers. She happily adits outside ripping apart or shredding her balls. Charlie found a cricket ball and Maggie is yet to break this one up. When all else gets boring Maggie finds a twig or breaks off a branch or pulls a pot plant apart or digs a new hole. Afghan Hounds are creative players.

15 thoughts on “dogs delight

    1. It certainly is Xenia.She works her way around the variety over time but always gets excited with new finds. Last night she brought home a small bouncing rubber ball and that has immediately been the new action toy.

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  1. Ani has a toy box too… and may leave it untouched for months, with just a few special ones in play. Currently, every troom is strewn with them… and it isn’t seven in the morning yet πŸ˜‰


  2. What a collection and some with names! Each of our dogs have different play personalities but stuffed toys are limited as one of the gang very quickly destroys them…with her vigorous gnawing. For outside play one is β€˜addicted’ to balls (running, guarding and gnawing) and another is a frisbee fanatic. A unique and enjoyable post πŸ™‚


    1. You will have to introduce your gang into some of your haiku posts along with photos. We have always named the dog toys but have never had such a huge collection as Maggie has amassed. She can differentiate according to names

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