flowing tidal water
filtering reflections
eternal nature

Dawn on the Moyne River at Port Fairy last September. This was an early morning walk Maggie and I took on the town side of the river. The sun was just rising over Killarney Bay behind the sand dunes. Port fairy is a beautiful little town however all relevant Climate Change scientific predictions have almost the entire town inundated by the ocean in the not too distant future. Whenever I now visit this town of my early childhood and where I first met my wife Jill and reflect on the happy memories I struggle to feel optimistic about Australia and most of the world addressing emissions reduction and restricting the looming dangers of decades of ignorant selfish political inaction on climate change.

24 thoughts on “river

  1. Beautiful reflections dear Denis, climate change seems going to destroy nature and creatures… Worrying every day much more… There is nothing to do with myself but makes me sick… I want to save the earth…
    Your poetical touches so beautiful…
    Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia


  2. I love the timeless beauty of the river and the reflections in the water Denis. Hopefully it will remain for many years to come and we’ll see a sea-change towards a carbon neutral society 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comments Xenia. Right now wild fires in Eastern Australia are showing the world climate change is escalating faster than predicted. We need intelligent and compassionate politicians across the world right now if we are going to haul back emissions.

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  3. Oh that is disheartening isn’t it, more places succumbing to the sea. The lack of political leadership even now is stunning isn’t it? I see that ‘big money’, Lloyds of London and other global insurance companies are already putting plans together to try and mitigate their likely foreseeable losses by making many places round the world uninsurable. If they believe what’s heading our way, why won’t the politicians take ACTION NOW.


      1. You know I don’t think the politicians, at least here in UK, are ignorant so much as so overwhelmed by what the scientists have been telling them that they are simply sticking their collective heads in the sand. ☹️


          1. Well, we are nearly at Christmas and you know it’s that turkeys voting for . . .

            My scientist daughter phoned me in tears devastated, but we have to go on and fight for a better response to the climate emergency single issue by single issue. Sad day for UK and sad for humanity – again. 😭


              1. Agreed – very worrying times. I see Sydney has been having a tough time and can’t imagine how humans are going to cope as severe weather systems become the new normal. 😭🌏😭


              2. Vert true Agnes.
                Sydney is surrounded by bush/forest and it is burning in a ring around the city like never before. Our Prime Minister was trapped in his high rise office because the lift smoke alarms locked them responding to the smoke pollution. He had to walk down the stairs and still denies climate change is an issue Australia should respond to. The smoke pollution in Sydney this week is higher than Beijing has ever been. Schools are closed, people are on respirators. This is the new Australia and our annual bushfire season theoretically has not begun. Imagine what it will be like in January. Next week we are expecting temperatures over 40oC down here in the South. If you are lookingh to emigrate maybe new Zealand is the place but not the North Island. Volcanoes!!!!

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              3. Oh goodness it does sound very frightening and I can’t imagine if I had a child with asthma or similar in those conditions. Re your Prime Minister, denial is the easy option, but as he’s over 50 I’m guessing he thinks he won’t be alive for a plus 4 degrees world. What an arrogant and selfish man.


              4. You are too kind about our PM. He is a fundamentalist Christian who believes in miracles and denies climate change. He also presides over the incarceration of hundreds of asylum seeking refugees on Nauru and Manus Island and thats before we get to attacks on social welfare beneficiaries. I wonder what your Boris will be like now he has a mandate of sorts?

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              5. Oo funny how fundamentalist Christians so often only apply Christian values to their own and not ‘others’. I expect he’s one of those people that don’t believe in climate science, but are first in the queue for science-based medicine when facing a potentially terminal diagnosis.
                As for PM B Johnson, well, it will be best not to be poor or disabled for starters – sadly, I think the ordinary folk of this country whomever they voted for are in for some tough times.


  4. It is hard not to feel sad knowing that the beauty we see now and remember will soon be and is being threatened…your words and the images bring together the eternal presence of nature and the relentless blindness of this economic system we’ve created.


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