free feed

fishing bait
testing hunting skills
patience wins

This Great Egret was hanging out with two fishermen beside the Moyne River jetty at Port Fairy.

Usually these birds are observed from a distance as they quietly seek out frogs, tadpoles or other small specimens of water/ swamp dwelling life. Not this bird. It was right beside the fishermen who explained it had trying to steal bait from their fishing tackle all afternoon. At one stage it was standing on one man’s car when he hid the bait inside it. Either a very hungry or very tame bird.

It seems they had decided to share some bait with the bird when it clearly was not going to go seek its own food naturally and of course more was asked for. Maybe another consequence of changing conditions out there in nature.

12 thoughts on “free feed

  1. Clever birds…. I love egrets too, beautiful photographs, they are amazing with their long body and legs and white feathers… Patience is what comes with the age… Loved your haiku touches too. Thank you dear Denis, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia


  2. Beautiful photos of this majestic bird. The first one is an excellent portrait with the slight turning of the head and one leg about to lift. Crafty fellow and a perfect example of “patience wins.” ❤


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