water birds

birds delight
natural refuge
water cools

For water birds there has always been a known environment to feed, rest and relax in. In these recent local photos from top to bottom are examples of, Silver Gull, Purple Swamphen, White faced heron and Black Swans. For all the other birds water is simply the difference between life and death. On our recent 40 oC days our water bowls were potentially life savers for the local Magpies, Doves, Wattlebirds, Noisy Miners and Thornbills. Tragically the drought and increasing temperatures across Australia are leading to significant decreases in the numbers of birds generally. Even our water birds cannot rely on available water or feeding/ wetland environments any more . Another reason to hold our politicians around the world to account on Climate Change NOW .

10 thoughts on “water birds

  1. If someone from another planet were to look down on us as we cover the world with fairy lights, buring prcious resources, when our atmosphere is doing all it can to warn us we have just a very limited time to change our ways – they would think of us as lemmings hurtling ourselves over a cliff. And don’t get me started on the New Year’s Eve fireworks. We are mad!


  2. They are so lovely, I loved especially the reflection in the first one. Beautiful post dear Denis, Merry Christmas, Thank you, Love, nia


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