cicada crisis

warmer nights
cicadas calling
life so brief

Every Summer for the 35 years we have lived in the Melbourne suburb of Sandringham, the call of Male Greengrocer Cicadas as been one of the most memorable sounds of the season. These beautiful gentle insects emerge from the ground under trees after incubating for 7 years. They climb into the foliage, fly from branch to branch, eat , call and reproduce. Every warm evening the males begin to vibrate their hind legs and emit ear splitting calls as loud as motor mowers, as they seek out the females. They only live a few days, the females burying their eggs in the ground at the base of the trees they have lived in. Without fail from the first week of December Cicadas calling would happen on every warm evening, sometines the sounds would continue for hours into the night. This year we have had plenty of warm evenings. After 5 weeks of Summer we have heard THREE Cicada calls. Every other year 3 calls would happen within 5 minutes of any warm evening. What has happened? I will investigate , however my guess is one more casuality of climate Change on the insect world. Pity we cannot see the disappearance of useless politicians like this absence of our Cicadas.

My last contact with Cicadas this year happened 6 nights ago. We heard our third call then silence. A short time later there was a thump at the back door. I went out to investigate and this Cicada was sitting on the veranda. I picked it up and it nestled in my hand. I carried it through the house and gently placed it on a fern in the front yard. later I checked and it had gone. We have not heard another call. I would not be as gentle if I met one of our Federal Government politicians.

15 thoughts on “cicada crisis

  1. What a beautiful creature Denis and so sorry to hear you haven’t heard many call this year. We’ve never seen or heard them here in Scotland and I’ve read so many poems and haiku about them. I hope they will return with their evening song and good luck with your investigations.


  2. It is terrible. I feel sorry for you and your fellow Australians – actually I feel sorry and frightened for the whole of humanity. I’ve been reading about the starvation events caused by the fires that destroy the old trees, causing the loss of the insects, and then the birds and finally the bigger mammals taking down whole ecosystems of areas that haven’t actually burnt. The news just gets worse and worse. I don’t know how your PM can show his face in public.


    1. Thanks for your compassionate support Agnes. The update today is at least 1 billion animals, reptiles and birds then there are the insects and also the farming stock. 10% of our dairy production was wiped out. And the most serious fire time is yet to come. As for the PM, well his government was voted back in, but a lot of these supporters have changed their opinions.

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  3. I am so sad about the fire in your country dear Denis, and to be honest I can’t watch the news about animals there… why don’t they take any action for fire… Of course this is not only your country problem, it is all about us. Every country has been coming face to face the trurh of the Climate Change events… This is inevitable truth. I am sad for cicadas too… You reminded me our summe of last year, there wasn’t cicaca as before… I haven’t thought of this. I can’t ask in here, “what’s going on?”, but I can ask this, “why people don’t take any action against the results of the climate change… I hope and wish and pray for your country dear Denis, Love, nia


    1. Thanks Nia for your thoughts and support. These fires are forcing many people here and around the world to seriously think about what is going to happen to them. Actions to reduce carbon emissions and phase out fossil fuels should speed up now.
      It is interesting you have noticed the Cicadas were less in your home areas too, this is adding data to the picture around the world.

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  4. I love how you navigate gentle wonder and wry humour :)) The cicada you show is so fascinating, so perfect. I am thinking ‘wolf moon’ lately and perhaps the moon of January is or was ‘cicada moon’ for you…the sad similarity being a reduced presence of a familiar species.


  5. Hope they will come back to the area. Parts of this made me sad, part made me laugh. I was reading a post by Suzanne and she too sounds like she wants to flog your PM for his empty promises too.
    You guys are going through it over there. We all are. it’s a global mess!


    1. We will not know until next December as this is when the next batch come out of the earth. Most Australians would like to see our government politicians crawl back into the earth.


      1. Right, I was just about to ask you if they were the ones that come out of the earth.
        Ha, ha…You guys sound like you’re having just as much fun with your politicians as we are.


        1. I hope most stayed there for another year, and don’t die waiting for a better welcome from the climate above ground. With politicians Pat, we have some checks that make it harder for raving narcissist lunatics to run our country. But given that our current Government has some absolute basket cases. Every personality disorder and intelligence failing is well covered by about 20 men and women.


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