smoking sunrise

smoke filled dawn
climate change threatens
tightrope walk

This was the rising sun looking down our street this morning through the smoke from hundreds of kilometres away. Another day of hazardous air across Melbourne however Sydney and Canberra have had weeks of this. The fires still burn and the people are becoming angrier with our Government. There is so much smoke, that it has crossed over new Zealand, the Pacific, South America, maybe your lands and is about to move over Australia again, catch up with itself and repeat the process. As well pressure from around the world is also forcing our Prime Minister to realise he can only stall, lie and ignore the realities of climate change for so long. Time has almost run out now and today he actually indicated he may make changes to his Government’s climate/energy policy, ( policy is a kind term for what is really only a weak attempt to acknowledge there may be an environmental disaster hovering). If anyone reading this was protesting outside an Australian Embassy in Europe this week , thanks, and keep it up , your pressure is helping. And yes the tightrope is for our Prime Minister, will he keep his balance?????

29 thoughts on “smoking sunrise

  1. A few years back, Seattle dealt with major issues from the smoke of fires ranging from as far away British Columbia. I quite expect that brutalization of our lungs pales to your current conditions. May you have favorable conditions soon.


        1. Up until this week it was deliberate avoidence of the science and reality in favour of Fossil Fuel lobbyists Magarisa. But we the people have been putting enormous pressure on the government and there are signs they are wavering. Demonstrations outside Australian embassies in Europe and North America have helped.

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  2. Wow Denis. I thought is was winding down. Didn’t know you guys also had one of those non-believers in climate change. From the photo it’s very hazy. Asthmatics must be having a hard time.


    1. Its ramping up Pat. Today its hazardous levels, meaning stay indoors and don’t breathe!!!!!!We have a government controlled by fossil fuel supporting interests. There are big bucks at stake here and elsewhere. The sad thing is they are not immune from this


  3. Exactly this is what all world countries have to understand and have to take action… This is not only Australia’s problem, this is our earth’s problem… Nothing could be more precious than nature of earth… I hope and wish and pray, certain solution to be taken as soon as… nothing more to lose…

    So impressive photograph and message dear Denis, Thank you, Love, nia


      1. But I read a good news,your president accepted to do the right things about climate change… But actually with a tragic way he decided like that… It should have been before the fire… Welcome dear Denis, Love, nia


  4. The truly shocking point you make is that the polluting smoke is now returning after travelling round the world as part of the global weather system. If this doesn’t convince people of the interconnectedness and worldwide problem of the climate emergency I think there really is no hope. Time for the resignation of your lying PM surely?


    1. If only resignation Agnes. These politicians did everything to win, they lust after power for the sake of power but behind that is shallowness and no policy and lies are their mantras. This week moderates in the government are finally speaking out for action, the change may be happening.

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      1. Any change would be a good thing, but, in truth, we need monumental change and people still don’t seem to be willing to face it. You might have seen that our stupid, pathetic shower of a UK government had allowed the Counter-terrorism police to add the Extinction Rebellion campaigning movement to a ‘terrorist’ watch list – utterly unbelievable!


        1. I agree Agnes. I also think social media has bred self centredness amongst the hordes who live their lives clutching phones and devices. This example you shared of conservative government reaction in the UK to protest groups actually fighting for the planets survival show how the establishment will go to extreemes to protect the polluters.


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