eye deflects
natures signpost
keep walking

Maggie and I were taking one of our regular walks along the Black Rock Cliff path, however we were moving in the opposite direction from our natural approach. It was amazing to see totally different perspectives from another angle. I had never noticed this Ti tree branch sculpture before and it seemed to beckon our attention. My first thought was a bird lookout , then an insect diving board. Anyway it was worth a photo and then of course the haiku came later. When the bushfire smoke drifted over Melbourne visibility had obscured those rocks one can see in the water. The path ahead in the second photo, (or usually behind) is one of Maggie’s favourites because of the occasional rat that hops across in front of us creating much excitement. We know Tiger Snakes lurk here , (attracted by rats) but are yet to see one. We are so lucky to have this landscape only a few minutes drive from home.

15 thoughts on “distraction

  1. Love the look of the hollows and curves of driftwood. I noticed one of the branches is a great leading line, pointing to the scenic waters. Really like how your poetry connects to both images. 🙂


  2. The ‘nature’s signpost’ is quite compelling. It is amazing what can be discovered walking from a different direction. A chuckle for Maggie’s excitement when spotting rats 🙂


    1. It is amazing, we have walked the other direction literally hundreds of times and never seen that branch. Maggie is extremely interested in rats and has seen many whilst on the lead and is yet to catch one although she does try . Pity any poor rat that strays into our yard.

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