sudden shock
past and present gone
dreams are crushed

Last Saturday morning Maggie and I were taking our regular early morning power walk . As we began to cross the Scout Hall park we were confronted by fire trucks everywhere. My first reaction was the scouts had let a campfire loose then as we neared the hall and the Primary School appeared it was suddenly obvious. The scene was frenetic, firemen were still playing water through windows and a huge gantry ladder hovered in the air metres above the roof line spewing water down through a smoking, gaping hole in the roof. eople were gathered in small groups along the opposite street and police were preventing pedestrians from continuing down past the school as smoke was still drifting heavily from the buildings.

My first reactions were disbelief, then one of hoping this was accidental in cause. Upon arriving home I shared the experience with Jill and later that day we went back with a camera and these photos were taken. There was a calmness in the air, however the scout hall had become a community focus point , many teachers, parents and students were there and it was obvious much grieving had happened and still was occurring. We could walk around the street perimeter and see the extent of the damage.

This immediate fire experience brought home the reality of what fire does to communities and even though no lives were lost or people injured and One building was damaged the flow on effects became obvious from local news and social media sources. 500 students, their teachers and support staff, all their surviving resources, materials, furniture etc would be relocated in two nearby government schools, further inpacting on those school communities. A multi million dollar rebuild will commence soon and the effects multiply onwards . Thousands of people woke up on saturday morning much the same as from the day before however by Monday their regular lifestyles were in turmoil, but organised turmoil generally speaking. This one local fire suddenly made us realise the immense effects to our nation from the vast bushfires experienced across South east and West Australia recently and some are still burning.

Those of you who have mentioned our recent FIRES or responded to my earlier comments may be interested in these 2 YOUTUBE links. The first is a no holds barred documentary that takes the viewer into the horror of the fires and the immediate impact on people, animals and vegetation. The second is a public forum that runs every Monday night on National public television. It shares the effects thes fires had on communities and what Government must do. This is again graphic and heart wrenching. Each is about 45 minutes (no ads) and some of the best TV viewing you will ever experience. Please let me know if you watch one or both.

And if your contempt for Rupert Murdoch’s press and its Climate Change denial propaganda is as strong as most Australians watch this 10 minute youtube about how they still peddle this garbage even with these fires and their links to Climate Change .

Postscript. 6 teenagers handed themselves in to local Police in regard to the school fire.

21 thoughts on “fire

  1. Gosh! I don’t quite know what to say. So much destruction, so much disconnection with nature and with other humans. Such devastation. I feel deeply sad that we humans, as a species, just can’t seem to help but be destructive.


  2. So sad to see a community hub go up in flames like this Denis and at least the children responsible have handed themselves in. They may not even understand the enormity of what they’ve done and I can only hope that from now on they will decide to dedicate the rest of their lives to making a positive contribution wherever they go.


  3. Oh my goodness. I have just watched with horror the terrifying fire footage video. I had seen some of the clips already on Social Media, but seeing it in such lengthy detail was truly horrific. And, I can’t express how brave I think your Fire and Rescue guys are. Amazing.

    I then watched the Q&A programme and was sadly struck by the pretty much Climate Change Denying, Senator Jim Malon, excusing his views by expressing that the science isn’t settled. And, he actually pontificated and waffled sitting next to the reputable Michael Mann. However, it was reassuring that much of the audience was unimpressed with Malon’s views, but incredibly I noticed he did appear to have some support.

    After hearing all the devastating accounts of the fires and hearing Mann explain the climate scientists’ warnings I was perplexed as to why anybody could agree with Malon – then I watched the Murdoch GARBAGE. Actually, I couldn’t bring myself to watch all of it. Evidence for climate change is “Anecdotal evidence”, people are taking “Advice from teenagers” blah blah blah . . . . there is 97% consensus across the world’s climate scientists saying Anthropogenic Climate Change is real and happening now. How does the Murdoch press get away with all their lies? Sorry, rant over, but you did ask for opinions šŸ˜Œ. Hope you and yours are all okay, I’ll go and have a lie down now.


    1. It is great to hear you watched all the programs Agnes. You now know more about the reality of what heppend than many Austrtaslians who never tune into positive news channels or our National broadcaster. Those fire fighters, men and women are almost all unpaid volunteers. many of them saved property while their own homes burned.That conservative senator epitomises the climate change deniers in our government and in right wing media. Ignorant, stupid and illogical and arrogant. Basically they are servants of the fossil fuel lobby.
      I hope you share these links with as many as you can, we need international support to fight these #55$#(*&%%$ I often need to have a lie down after reading the newspaper.
      I hear Boris and his cronies are trying to undermine the BBC. Fight that one. We can never relax these days as ultra rightists crawl out of caves everywhere.

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      1. Yes, the current global situation politically is very worrying. A lot of rather unpleasant people with abhorrent views are feeling emboldened and confident to share their opinions.

        I think that BBC News is in trouble these days with few friends here in UK. The Tories are now gunning for them. Unfortunately, the BBC News editors made a number of mistakes and misjudgements during the recent election campaign so much so many of us on the left simply came to view them as the propaganda wing of the Conservative Party.

        Across the BBC including BBC News, they are now onboard with the Climate Crisis, but up until 2018 were still giving primetime air time to known Climate Change Deniers ‘in the interest of balance’.

        Following the General Election and the large majority for the Tories, the news dept is more frequently on the back foot seemingly frightened to report anything that might upset Johnson and his cronies.

        This incident of the lobby walkout, earlier this week, was all over Twitter with Laura Kuenssberg, BBC Political Editor, herself actually involved, but the item didn’t make either of main terrestrial evening news programmes (6 pm or the 10 pm). My elderly father who doesn’t use social media and relies on the BBC for news had no idea there had been a lobby walkout. Once all the other news outlets were covering the story the BBC eventually reported it – they are running scared of the Government. Few under 40s watch their Live TV news offering anyway, and my daughter’s generation don’t watch BBC News at all, so the future isn’t look good for the Beeb.


        1. That does not sound good Agnes, on a number of fronts. Britain needs a strong independent public news broadcaster like our ABC. I thought the BBC was providing that. Interesting that conservative governments attack the funding of public broadcasters. Shades of Nazism!!

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            1. The same is happening here Agnes. Lots of secret big business lobbying, attempts to change laws to restrict protests and freedom of Information and lots of corrupt grants to win votes without accountability. It is becoming blatant from this current conservative government. And the British and Australian conservatives and the US Republicans help and inform each other. We are facing an international conservative attack on democratic freedoms.

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  4. I feel so sad too dear Denis, your country has been living a very hard times, it is scary of course. My thoughts and heart with you all, and I would be so happy to hear the good news all about these happenings… Love, nia


    1. Thanks Nia. The good news today is hundreds of millimetres of rain is falling across all the bushfire areas in NSW and some in Victoria. Most fires have been totally extinguished. Turkey is also having many harmful natural disasters at the moment and a bad plane crash.

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    1. We always live with it however this year has seen a drastic step up in damage and capacity. This will be the new norm. Even if Global warming emissions are reduced it will take many yewars to get back past the currnet situation.

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    1. This was local in suburbia however Pat it brought home realities others are experiencing. At a local political party meeting we figured upwards of 30000 people have been affected by this, some immediately, most for months.


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