cast adrift
summer storm victim
seeking rest

This head of seaweed was peacefully floating beside the Black Rock sea wall on Port Phillip Bay. It could have been torn off the growing plant by strong currents stirred up by a storm a few days earlier. Maggie and I and walk this route often and also get Jill to join us whenever she can. My practice is to carry a camera on these walks as there are many natural treasures waiting to be captured. The camera/lens combinationd can be heavy if I want close ups, especially the telephoto lens. The other challenge is holding Maggie with one hand while photographing with the other. Occasionally I leave the camera at home and of course an exceptional opportunity like a penguin pops up.

19 thoughts on “travelling

  1. Never know what one will encounter on a walk. That’s one of the things I love about photography. Always something interesting to capture in nature. That’s quite the challenge to photograph with one hand. Lovely fan-shape to this seaweed. Perfect haiku to describe the moment.


  2. A beautiful capture in photo, haiku and story. That is quite a feat taking photos while holding Maggie. I find it hard enough multitasking with a phone camera.


    1. It certainly was Magarisa especially with those bubbles the made it appear to be breathing. Yes Little Penguins live in the seawalls and on a local breakwater. Tourists fly in from Asia and travel 150 k from Melbourne on package tours to see them . If we are lucky it is a few minutes by car in the middle coastline of the Bay Melbourne is situated on.

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