an easy life

creative resting
hibernation is over
action time awaits

on our bed
on her bed
on the couch
on a re-adjusted couch
at the vet

Maggie spends most of the day sleeping or resting. When she comes to life it is usually when we invite her to because of food, a promise to go for a drive to one of her favourite locations or go walking.

However Maggie also initiates action. At least once a day Maggie insists on a game of chase around the yard or a game of fight and throw selected toys in our living room. Then there are the times she intercepts the arrival of parcels at the front gate, (as shown in an earlier post) or she steals something and makes a run for outside where she attempts to eat or destroy it. Yesterday it was wool from Jill’s spinning wheel, the day before a slipper or it may be a toilet roll or a sock. She recently spent a night on a drip in an emergency animal hospital and a follow up day on a drip at our vet all because she managed to eat something unmentionable that caused a blockage and required a flush out of her bowel. Life is never boring with Maggie. Soon she will be 4 and as other posts have shown she lives a full life when she is not resting and is not yet slowing down.

life cycle

fading sunset view
makes tomorrows promises
more life energy

A recent sunset at Ricketts Point on Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne. It was almost a farewell to our second wave of Covid 19. As of today we have 25 days of no cases or deaths and also now no mystery community transmissions. This is my contribution to Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 333 Life and View. If you follow this link you will find other Life and View haiku from poets around the world.


light fading slowly
farewelling shoreline calmness
tomorrow whispers

A recent peaceful sunset at Ricketts Point. Maggie loves this beach as have all our other Afghan Hounds over the last 40 plus years. Maggie seems to look, reflect and even lose herself in imaginations when she is down here. There is also the prospect of finding a dead fish, or a piece of sponge. We always have to watch where her mouth is on the beach.

tidal secrets

time slowly passes
as tidal ebb and flow
reveals more food

This Sooty Oystercatcher returns at low tide to the same section of rocky outcrop when a variety of shellfish, some attached to rocks and others in pools is exposed. The bill of these birds is shaped like a skewer and it makes short work of any uncooperative Oysters etc. They are solitary birds and live in their own worlds of meditative patience.

This is my contribution to Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 332 EBB & Flow visit this link to read other haiku poets’ work.


time to feed

blossom offers choice

self service

This solitary Eastern Spinebill, ( a honeyeater) visits our garden annually, arriving in late Autumn and departing back to the mountains in early Spring. He seeks out the indigenous plants flowering in our back yard, Grevillias, and Correas Thirty years ago whole families of these beautiful birds could be seen across our city, but climate change and bird species adaption change now means seeing one is fortunate.


lockdown time

shopping online

has problems

The lockdown to combat this Covid virus certainly created many new habits and customs for us. Online shopping became a necessary option as we could not travel more than 5 kilometres from home and were confined to our homes except for 1 hour of food shopping and 1 hour of exercise a day.

Maggie always loves to greet the Posties and parcel deliveries at the gate, usually to be patted, by the postie and to play bluff with the parcel deliverers. With a lot more parcels arriving for us they were being left inside the gate and this opened up a new exciting world for Maggie. She developed a sense of responsibility to collect any found parcels and then entertain herself unless we beat her to them.

My favourite gluten free vegimite, (Vegemite is an Australian necessity) was suddenly not stocked in the 2 accessible supermarkets so I had to order it from Adelaide. My 5 jars arrived well packed as seen in photo 1 except this was after Maggie unpacked them. She then carefully created an art display on the ground with the 5 jars. We titled the work of art, “Maggie’s Mess”.


hopeful spring sunset

virus and madness fading

welcome change at dawn

Today I have found my creative elements again. First after a lockdown of over 100 days, ( not quite as bad as the Siege of Leningrad) in Melbourne we have now had 9 days of 0 new infections and no Covid deaths, 2 people in hospital with the virus and 2 mystery cases. Tomorrow we can begin moving towards a known earlier lifestyle, (but never the same again.) However I realise around the world especially in Europe and North America the virus is persisting.

Then secondly this morning we wake to hear Joe Biden has been successful in Pennsylvania and crossed the winning line. In Australia many of us suddenly feel a great sense of relief just like many others around the world and especially in the USA.

These two events have returned me to Haiku Hound. Over the next week or so Maggie and I will reconnect with all my wonderful blogging friends and share more of our experiences from these last crazy months. We did keep taking photos and walking, nothing much else was legal.