an easy life

creative resting
hibernation is over
action time awaits

on our bed
on her bed
on the couch
on a re-adjusted couch
at the vet

Maggie spends most of the day sleeping or resting. When she comes to life it is usually when we invite her to because of food, a promise to go for a drive to one of her favourite locations or go walking.

However Maggie also initiates action. At least once a day Maggie insists on a game of chase around the yard or a game of fight and throw selected toys in our living room. Then there are the times she intercepts the arrival of parcels at the front gate, (as shown in an earlier post) or she steals something and makes a run for outside where she attempts to eat or destroy it. Yesterday it was wool from Jill’s spinning wheel, the day before a slipper or it may be a toilet roll or a sock. She recently spent a night on a drip in an emergency animal hospital and a follow up day on a drip at our vet all because she managed to eat something unmentionable that caused a blockage and required a flush out of her bowel. Life is never boring with Maggie. Soon she will be 4 and as other posts have shown she lives a full life when she is not resting and is not yet slowing down.

19 thoughts on “an easy life

    1. Afghans usually sleep on their backs stretched out, often with legs in the air, very strange habits. Maggie also has this ability to scavange strange things and needs vigilant attention out walking.

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  1. Oh no, usually they do this, one of our cats ate something and we wented emergency too in the past. We wactually are very careful for this, but they find interesting things to eat. They are crazy. I am so glad nothing serious dear Denis, Maggie is a lovely and adorable, I love her. Blessing and Happiness, for you all. Thank you, Love, nia

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  2. Oh Maggie is so gorgeous, but a wee bit naughty. They just don’t realise that they can’t eat everything as their ancestors could! Plastic, polyester, chocolate there are so many things that modern life throws in the way of dogs that are sooo very dangerous. Glad she is okay, but all a little unnerving for you no doubt.

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  3. A wonderful Maggie feature. Her resting is creative as is her mischief. She must really keep you on your toes trying to foresee what she’ll go for next. My conclusion with our dogs is to watch for not only what they have done but what they conceivably could do (though haven’t yet). Her sleeping positions are very cute.


    1. SPOT on Janice, you know dogs well. With Maggie it is out of sight tracked down quickly. There is an Afghan Hound Facebook site called Magical moments of the Afghan Hound where all these positions plus more are regularly shared.

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  4. I had to look at the first picture for quite a while to figure out where her head was! 😊
    Maggie certainly keeps you on your toes. Hope she has recovered completely.


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