life cycle

fading sunset view
makes tomorrows promises
more life energy

A recent sunset at Ricketts Point on Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne. It was almost a farewell to our second wave of Covid 19. As of today we have 25 days of no cases or deaths and also now no mystery community transmissions. This is my contribution to Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 333 Life and View. If you follow this link you will find other Life and View haiku from poets around the world.

17 thoughts on “life cycle

  1. Beautiful photos, and haiku. Great promise of tomorrow. I love a “red sky tonight!”
    Congratulations on your COVID-19 successes. I can’t say the same, being in the US. Lovely Afghan.

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    1. Thanks for your interest in the post Lisa. Sunsets and Afghan Hounds are my 2 main photographic themes and make up a lot of the posts on my blog. The Afghan who started haiku Hound is the Golden Charlie who sadly died too young. Her half sister Maggie currently helps out. I am sure the virus will come under control in the US once you have a co-ordinated nation wide following of your top health advice starting with mandatory masks everywhere and social distancing. Closing down all social media for a couple of months would probably help as well.


    1. Thanks for those lovely comments. Our state Victoria has those figures and the rest of Australia has about 50 active cases however they are all returned from overseas and in quarantine. Hope you can get on top of the virus in the UK.


    1. Thanks Xenia. Locking out all overseas travel and quarantine for returned Australians has helped. This virus has been shocking in the way it has lingered and re-developed in the UK and elsewhere. Stay safe.

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