state of mind

red sunset
fires peoples minds
sane or mad

Sunsets play with human imaginations especially fiery red ones. Whenever there is a volcanic eruption in South East Asia we expect brilliant red sunsets in the near future. Fiery sunsets in Summer are also associated with bushfires in Australia, smoke creating horrific scenes with the setting sun. We are lucky in Bayside Melbourne to have a long view across the bay for our sunsets and can anticipate brilliant photographic opportunities with the right combination of cloud and atmosphere. I love photographing sunsets.

This is my contribution to

Follow the link to read haiku responses to this challenge from around the world

And here is another haiku, a bit more sophisticated!

fireball sunsets
fuel imaginations
tomorrows promise

23 thoughts on “state of mind

    1. Thanks Xenia.The location is perfect for sunsets. Standing on a cliff or on the beach looking across an expanse of bay.I have always stuck to Haibun plus the photos (Haiga). Basho often did sketches as well as prose with the haiku.

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  1. Sunset and Sunrise times are best moments of a day, I love to watch them too. And never being same… Your haiku words are expressing everything, dear Denis, I loved them all, Thank you, Love, nia

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  2. I can see how those powerful sunsets could have drastically different meanings depending on the viewer’s frame of mind. I’m happy you were in an optimistic place for your second haiku. 🙂

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    1. There sure do Janice. I don’t have your climatic variety with those wonderful snow scenes/haiku though. One must stay optimistic. I always thought for instance that Trump was a distortion of reality

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  3. I especially like the first picture with the boats in silhouette. Sunsets do need fire the imagination and bring the promise of tomorrow. All the best to you for 2021, Denis.


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