spoilt child stumbles

delusions disintegrate

grow democracy

The three wise monkeys of Nikko Japan sum it all up. I had them high on my bucket list of what to see in Japan and was lucky to fulfill that wish in 1994. I was leading my first school trip to Japan and with one of my colleagues abandoned the students and other teachers in Tokyo Disneyland and took off to Nikko for the day. We definately had the better deal although the sacred white horse, a gift from New Zealand needed some cheering up in his tiny stable. A good chat in New Zealand accent made him very happy.

A trust everyone reading this haiku and connecting the image can understand my political satire arising from the act of sedition in Washington D.C. yesterday.

I do recommend visiting Nikko if you plan to travel to Japan, (when you can) in the future.

This is my contribution to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 339 CHILD and Grow. Read what other poets from across the globe thought of when faced with this challenge. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/64808775/posts/3098237082

19 thoughts on “hope

  1. A fitting haiku for these times Denis and the Toshogu Shrine would be high on the list of places to visit if I was ever able to travel there. You definitely got the better deal during your school trip!


  2. This is beautiful dear Denis, I haven’t been in Japan… do I travel in the future I am not sure. But I wish(ed)… Thank you, your Haiku hits. Love, nia


  3. The wise monkeys do speak to the scene in Washington over the last four years. As tragic as the events on the 6th were, it did seem to lift the veil on delusions and prompt supporters who had been silent to condemn Trump and the rampagers…hopefully all who see clearly will continue to protect democracy and also help the very divided Nation to heal.


  4. Something’s gotta give here in USA…the D.C. melee sent me to bed for several days, but eventually ya gotta get up and do laundry 🙂 Great haiku!


    1. She was Pete,thanks for the compliment. Her half sister Maggie now appears in posts sometimes. Once we are in a post covid world again look for cheap airfares over the North Pole with a Scandanivan airline. Its the quickest way and possibly cheapest. We are only 10 hours away from Australia and New Zealand.

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    1. I really feel for the many, many Americans who had to live with Trump for 4 years. Like the rest of the world we looked on finding his behaviour more and more bizarre. If only the impeachment is carried!!!!!!!


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