Mount Fuji

fuji san
shinkansen window
look up up up

My first glimpse of Mount Fuji was in May 1990 from a shinkansen window as we travelled from Hiroshima to Odawarra. I almost missed it because of the distractions flashing past outside the train as it hurtled along. Suddenly the cloud cleared and through the smog Japan’s sacred mountain appeared, hovering in the sky. Close up there is something awe inspiring about Fuji San

12 thoughts on “Mount Fuji

    1. Thanks Nia. Fuji is certainly an impressive sight especially upon ones first glimpse. Often it is completely shrouded in cloud. This is an old slide remastered to digital and the photo was snapped from inside as the reflection shows. Not the best of shots but my first sighting and therefore special.

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  1. Great photograph and it has captured the serene quality that somehow emanates from Mount Fuji. Is that due to its situation within the sky and landscape or do you think maybe we are pre-primed by all those fabulous Edo woodblock prints of the mountain? I’ve never been to Japan.


    1. Thanks Agnes for the compliment. It was my first glimpse and is old slide film remastered and also suffering speed reflection from the window. There is a spirituality about the way this mountain rears up from the surrounding landscape. Hiroshege for example certainly has captured that and shares this sensation from his many Fuji prints for viewers. Post covid you may find cheap flights over the North Pole to Japan. I will do another post soon of different views.

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      1. Now, how tempting cheap flights to Japan would be. I’d love to visit, but can’t see much happening this year regards Covid and international travel from UK. I think we have turned into a bit of a pariah state and not sure that vaccinations are going to be the complete solution that many are hoping for. Maybe things will be better in 2022.


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